Congratulations! You are now enrolled in our Young Authors Club. We’re so happy you could join us for this exciting new program. 

The first lesson will start as soon as you open the course. There are five short introductory lessons in the first session, including a FREE download of Emerald Child, the first book in Karen’s popular Kalika Magic series. We hope you enjoy it!

Some lessons are prerequisites, which means you need to complete them before you can move on to the next lesson. You’ll find the short exercises very helpful for planning your stories. Take the Story Challenge and write a new story for Karen to read each week. If you work hard and write something you really love, you might see it published in a real book!

The program is self-paced, so you can log in and out as much as you like. Make sure you copy and paste your Quiz answers to your own Word document if you want to keep them as notes for your story.

We’ll send regular reminders to check how you are going. You can also stay in touch with Karen by posting questions and comments in our Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is designed to operate like a social media channel, but unlike Instagram or Facebook, it is only open to course members. 

You’ll have access to the full course for the whole year, so you can keep polishing your stories (and writing more stories!). We’ll also send you an invite to at least two (2) live Zoom workshops with Karen during the school holidays. These sessions are a chance to meet the other kids in the program and to chat with Karen about your writing.